Monday, May 01, 2006

Jeff's Birthday Party

One word to describe Jeff's birthday party: awesome. Except for the stupid roller derby show that only a knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, dimwitted moron like me (oopse!) go to.

For those who couldn't come to the party - which happen to be re-allocated to a different location due to neighbors' complaint - here what we got:

1. Five kinds of shitty beers which ranging somewhere between sewer water and pissed water. I brought some Corona but those are considered classy, top-of-the-line items and not allowed to drink. The bad (or good for Jeff) part is that you have to go over this loop: a). Drink each beer labeled 1 to 5. b). Repeat part a until you start babbling something no one gives a damn about.
2. Live rap/hip-hop music from DJ Kate, which is a rare and unprecedented exception because most Rice students listen to the Buzz
3. Get to a roller derby game show (described above)
4. Get hammered at Baker street and then another bar across the street which I am too busted to remember.

One thing I need to point out for those folks who want to have a good time at Baker street: their chicken wings suck! I came there twice but every single time all I had were all drum sticks without even a wing. But that's ok, it's still chicken meat. What pisses me the most is thier source: not sour, not sweet but tatses like horse meat and rat testicles extract (ok, I 'm over exaggerating). And they don't have Tabasco source there!!! Dude, real men put Tabasco source on everything. Probably guys hanging out at Baker street are Tabasco hating wimps or something.
Here is what I suggest you should put Tabasco source on:
  • Everything

Thanks Jeff and see you guys again at Cinco De Mayo to drink and protest immigration bill.


Anonymous said...

hahahah, that made me laugh..... a lot.

roller debry rocks!!! and you forgot to mention the half-time show, which was definitely the highlight of the night!

Ruby said...

hi Doug, it's Ruby from kendo. =) Just wanted to say that we checked out that pho place you recommended in the HK City Mall, and WOW--best pho we've ever had! thanks for the tip!

I like your blog too. =) see ya!