Wednesday, May 17, 2006

JavaOne - San Francisco - Day 2

Today marks the first official day of JavaOne. I wake up at 7:00, have light breakfast and walk to Moscone center. It appears to be pretty close on the map but the path actually is a two-mile lengthy road; and it takes me almost 20 minutes to get there. There is a complimentary shuttle service take attendee to the center. It doesn't stop at my hotel but Hilton which is a about 20 minutes walking distance again. I do however take the trolley to get back in the evening after the last technical session.

JavaOne this year is not very organized. This is my first time coming to the conference so I don't know how it was like last year. Lots of people complain about the waiting lines at every technical session. And I think one of the reason is because the number of attendees almost triples to the one last year.

First thing to to is to register and get some conference's material

and it gets even worse for technical session.
Yes all of the people below are waiting on a line. There is even no room to stand in the line for some sessions.

Or if you don't care about seeing the speaker, you could sit here on a bean bag and listen to the session thru telecast

Sun's General session this year is the hightlight of the day. The session is opened by the newly appointed CEO Jonathan Schwartz. The CEO is one of the youngest CEO in Sun history. He also the one of the rare CEOs who devotes his time to blog frequently.

General session this year emphasizes on the new trend of using Java technology in the future. Schwartz and Ed Zander (Motorola CEO) all talk about the future will be dominated by mobile devices. Specially Zander mentions Motorola is betting big on putting Linux and Java platform on its new devices.

Also, Schwartz announces something that Java community has been waiting for years: Sun will open source Java. Schwartz says that this is a sure thing and it is "not a 'whether' but a 'how' question."

Remember Craig McClanahan? The main guy behind Struts. I see him around noon when I am waiting to get my burger. I regret that I can't meet him and say hi because by the time I get my sandwich Craig is gone already.

A busy and tired day but it's quite an experience. I am also composing some material about what I learn from today's conference.

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