Saturday, November 19, 2005

My friend Chris is getting marry. Again...
He lives with this girl for 5 years now.. And they decided to get marry finally! I think he's losing weights taking care of the wedding. Poor guy. But hey, the bachelor party was great... Thanks Chris. I hope you like it like I did :-) Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

OpenLDAP for Mandrake - Pain in the Ass

I use Mandrake 10.0 as my home server (Athena) almost for everything: Postfix mail, MySQL, sshd and ofcourse OpenLdap server 2.1
I've been trying to connect to the Ldap server from the server (localhost) and it works fine with simple (clear text) authentication. But when I use another host to connect, it always fails.
I spent an entire weekend ( 18 hours) to find out what is going on.
I read the slapd config file manpage and turned on the loglevel to -1 to indicate that I want to log single freaking everything.
Beside, I would need to enable logging for ldap in /etc/syslog.conf
It looks something like:

local04.* -/var/log/ldap/ldap.log

Then I tail the log file and try to connect from a host other than localhost Athena.
I found the cause of the error: OpenLDAP is using the freakin' tcp_wrapper. That's why if you don't enable host in the hosts.allow file, your Lux box is not gonna let other hosts use your LDAP service.

So now I can happily connect to the ldap server using GUI browser or develope my own client in Java.
In summary, I learn a very good lesson here.

Hello World! My first blog is here....

First time using a blogger...