Monday, December 17, 2007


Recent intruder shooting incidents around Houston reminds us about Texas gun law. In the state of Texas it is legal to own permitted firearms within your property's perimeter. Not only that there will be no charge for firing at the intruders also within your property's perimeter if you feel your life, your loved ones or your properties are in harm. No question asked.

Joe Horn shot 2 buglers in Pasadena Nov 14th. Bad thing is he shot those guys while they're committing the crime in his neighbor property, not his! His action is still under grand jury review.
Second case is the shooting occurred in north of Houston Dec 16, 2AM. This time the bugler broke into a house thru a window and got shot to death by the owner. The third shooting was at a grocery store. The armed robber demanded money but as soon as he turned around, the store owner shot him to death.

I know legally the second case would be a sole self defense action and would not be returned with any charge. I'm not too sure about the first and the third case. Both of those shooters' lives probably were not in danger at that time since those thugs had turned around and left. Even if it's legal to shoot them, I wouldn't think I want to take their life either. Somehow, I think these two unfortunate shooters have probably witnessed this more than once in their life. And since the police couldn't do anything they wanted to take matter in their own hands and teach those thugs a moral lesion.

So remember, even though you can shoot, please think careful before you pull the trigger. A human life is more precious than anything else. A co-worker of mine is a gun supporter and he likes going shooting a lot. He told me to take a conceal handgun license even if I don't want to carry a firearm. The class in fact goes thru a lot of shoot non-shoot situation and what the traumatic it will get when you shoot someone, even if you're legally correct.