Thursday, May 18, 2006

JavaOne - San Francisco - Day 3

Third day by far has been the most productive day in JavaOne so far for me. Getting experience from yesterday, I get up early and catch the bus to Moscone at 8:00 even though the first session starts around 9:30. I attend to 4 technical sessions, 1 lab and a bird-of-a-feather today. Three of them are presented by Joshua Bloch. His telethon includes: Effective Java Reloaded, Java Puzzler and Collections Connection (BOF).

Each session always get a huge number of attendees. Effective Java was originally held in 2 conference rooms. But as the number of people wanting to get in grows too fast, they have to extend the session to an adjacent room. Java Puzzler is even more crowded; it uses one of the largest conference room of Moscone.The one that was used on the first day for Sun's General session.

Joshua Bloch currently is Google's chief Java Architect. He wrote Effective Java which won Software Development award n 2002 and is one of the most popular Java book to this day.
After Effective Java , I get a hold of Joshua and manage to talk to him for 15 minutes asking about Google's role in Java Community process. I also make a short introduction of PROS to Joshua just in case he's interested in working for PROS :-). Josh also asks me the same question I have heard so many times: am I related to Doug Lea, the guys who wrote the concurrency package for Java Tiger? ha ha..

Here are me and Josh.

Another great session is Spring Web Flow presented by Keith Donald from Interface21. SWF is a new web application framework easing the development of dialog or wizard like web form. Keith turns out to be a nice guy and helps me answering lots of questions. Most of my questions are related to the integration of Spring Web Flow into existing, in-house, home-brew framework since we are not using any open framework like Struts or JSF. Keith doesn't actually understand how our framework works but he sure points me to a correct direction: looking at the implementation of Struts adapter for Spring web flow.

On the way back to the hotel, I get stuck in traffic because there is protest crowd against immigration going along Market street. We probably stop for about 15 minutes to let them get by.

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Anonymous said...

Man you got to meet the man Joshua Bloch ! Make sure to bring back a autographed copy of Effective Java for everyone.