Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Bravo for Clay

My friend Clay Smith finally graduated! We were going to school together for 4 years and I got out of college before Clay did in late 2004. In today's commencement I also ran into some of my classmates which I thought they would have never got out of college. But they did. This proves that if you stick around long enough, everybody could graduate, well at least in the U.S I mean!

A friend of mine also graduated today. But he couldn't come because he is living in Boston.
So finally, the gang of four had finished their duty in college: Clay, Shane, Joseph and I.
One question remains though: is pursuing a master degree our next destination? For my part I am sure that I will go back to school sometimes next year for a master. But for now, after summer break, I will become a student again just for this class: Ruby on Rails. Two of my co-works will join me taking the class. And Clay has confirmed that he would take this class with us too.

Also Happy Mother day today. Best wishes to my lovely mom.
Some reasons why mom loves me:
When she sees me blogging, she knows that I'm not in jail :-)
I live more than 10,000 miles away
A crisp $10 bill she got for her birthday


Stacey said...

your mom reads your blog online too? =p how cool.

stacey said...

and congrats to your friend, Clay. that class also sounds fun. =)

Anita said...

Nice! You should definitely go get your Master's. You'll never regret it. Do you work for a place that offers tuition reimbursement? That's the way to go! It works pretty well for me, at least. =)

Anonymous said...

I remember walking across that stage in Hofheinz Pavilion 7 years ago thinking "thats enough school for me". Now I reget not getting my master (as all my bosses have one). I say go for the masters and the Ph.D.