Friday, May 19, 2006

JavaOne - San Francisco - Day 4

Maybe today's agenda is about AJAX.
11 - 12 Java, Web 2.9 and Ajax
2:45 - 3:45 Dojo Framework for Ajax app
4 - 5 Smackdown for Ajax programming models and frameworks

What surprises me most is that the so-called Ajax is a set of technologies existing in the late 90's. It became a big hit when Jesse James Garrett coined it AJAX in 2005. This leads to my personal conclusion that if you want new/old technologies to soar, you need to create acronyms for them. Numerous examples include POJO, CORBA, WSDL... you name it.

This year JavaOne central talk is also about the new version of NetBeans 5.5. As far as I know, NetBeans has been loosing its market share significantly after the birth of Eclipse 2. And for now, most Java developers don't even bother trying NetBeans anymore. So to that, Sun is trying hard to convince developers about NetBeans' comeback. Every LAB, technical sessions using IDE or debugging tools have to demonstrate NetBeans. I am so disappointed.

I also learn a new experience in this JavaOne: don't set your butts in any LAB sessions. It is such a waste of time. I mean it is nearly impossible to get everybody in the same pace in lab sessions. Some guys are just to quick and finish everything just by reading the instructions while other dimwits scratching their asses, pulling hairs figuring how to use Vi to get the coding part done.
My advice is don't take labs. If you need the material just register for the labs and then come pick up CD-ROMs and books. Just don't waste your time sitting in the labs!

JavaOne after-dark bash (kinda like happy hour for nerds) this year features guys from Discovery channel 's Mythbuster, Weird science and AC/DShe. AC/Dshe concert is huge blast. They are a all-girl band play songs of AC/DC. The funny thing is when Ac/DShe starts playing, all the guys (male/female ratio in JavaOne is about 10 to 1) are drawn to those girls just like ephemeral flies into fire!

Longest line ever for the Dojo session. The line is so long that it has to end somewhere outside Moscone!!!
While waiting in the line, somebody from SCO gives me his company agenda and asks me to support SCO! Friendly reminder: SCO starts the war against Linux community when they decide to sue IBM.
That guy probably couldn't get a clue if it were pounded into his head with baseball bat! And I told him that the day I support SCO the moon will not merely turn blue but develop polkadots, and hell will freeze over so cold the "brimestone will go superconductive."

Human bowling @ after-dark bash

Mythbuster and James Gosling open the night

And here is the lovely AC/DShe band

The main vocal is so hot that evrybody takes tons of photos of her

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Anonymous said...

Douglas we did not pay good money for you to attend happy hours and rock concerts at Java One. I expect a full detailed report and a presentation about the conference Monday morning.


A. R.