Monday, June 05, 2006

House Warming Party

A friend of mine recently moved to a new high-rise apartment. So we open a house (more like apartment) warming party this weekend.
The apartment is located somewhere in the galleria, on Post Oak street. It's nice, luxury and has all characteristic I would expect from a place like that: valet parking, strict security. It goes this way: you need to ask permission to get to the elevator, to the pool, to the garage, to the restroom...
The nicest thing about this place is the view. From the 23rd floor facing north you can see I-10 and 610 just around the corner and pretty much the entire north-west side of Houston. Imagine how nice it would be sitting outside at the balcony, having a coffee and watch the traffic passing by.

This is the balcony. Interstate 610 s on the right.

As always, simplicity is always the best design in interior decoration. I think I would hire my friend to decorate my house when I get one.

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