Thursday, June 29, 2006

World Cup Fever

I think I am experiencing the world cup fever! We discuss about the event at work most of the time. We sneak out of the office to view the game for a few minutes. Some even take off due to "sickie" to watch the game at home. I wonder why don't we have the World Cup pool at PROS like the March Madness pool.

Bring the excitement of March Madness to your office with a World Cup pool. It's nice to give people something to talk about other than the latest business transaction or bitching about development process. Competition for the best bracket within the office can only be a good thing.

Last week I went to the Houston Dynamo game with Real Salt Lake. The Dynamo beats Salt Lake 2 - 1. The stadium is pretty packed. More than what I expected from a soccer game in Houston: about 25,000 people showed up to see the game. I just have the feeling that in a couple more years maybe soccer would gain the momentum and become a more popular sport in the US.
So to celebrate the 4th of July, why don't we go to the Dynamo game on July 4th and watch the game and eat the tailgate BBQ there at the stadium!!!

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