Saturday, June 17, 2006

USA vs Italy or Davids vs Goliaths

Group E's nickname is the group of death and I think today's games somewhat reflect the natural characteristic of the group.
First game is between Ghana vs Czech Rep.

Who would have guessed Ghana dominated the entire game and conquered the Czech with a convincing victory 2 - 0. Second game is even more exciting to see the little guy "David the USA" tied with world-class, stars-filled "Goliath the Italian". The game could have been more interesting and the team USA could have got 3 points easily without having Mastroeni sent off the game.

Kudos go to team USA for their dedication and endless effort even with only 9 men in the field after the 47th minute.
US blood was shed in the field at 27th minute. And we will have them paid for it!!!

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