Saturday, June 10, 2006

Live Football (Not American Football)

World Cup officially starts today with the game between host country Germany and Costa Rica. Haven't seen the whole game yet but watching the highlight of the game, I know this one of the best opening game ever, especially with Germany involves. The German soccer team has been known for their tactical mind-set, steelie mentality, emotionless in playing soccer.

Branded with all kind of nicknames from WWII history like the Panzers, Blitzkrieg, German team comes out of nowhere and plays like the Brazilian of Europe: 4- 2 is the score!!! I don't remember any opening game with that such a high score, not to mention the two beautiful and unbelievable goals from outside of the 16m50 area from Phillipp and Torsten.
I am always a big fan of the German soccer team. This time I also cheer for the USA and England team. The order of precedence is: USA, Germany and England.

Most of the game this time will be in the afternoon. That means all work and no games for the weekday. Thankfully, ABC is kind enough to air the rest of the games on the weekends (totally about 17 games including the finals). Having said that doesn't mean I can't watch the game while working. We have a little satellite TV in the gym. I notice that traffic to the gym is surprisingly high today because people just keep walking back and forth to watch the game for a few minutes.

For me this ain't enough. I want to enjoy the moment more by going to Fry's and pick up the EASports FIFA 2006 soccer game today. And when I get home to play for an hour, I have already led the US soccer team to the second round. Those are the scores of round one. Pray God it becomes true!!! Just remember don't bet your money on it.

USA - Czech : 5 - 2
USA - Italy: 1 - 1
USA - Ghana: 6 - 0

So US advances to the 2nd round as the first seeder.

Here are some screenshots of the game.

Brian McBride already has 8 goals in round 1

Let live soccer this month everybody!

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