Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hacking Blogspot

The nice thing about Blogspot that I prefer over several blogging system (Xanga, LiveJournal...) is that you can do a lot of hacking with Blogspot.
Well, just look at my last blog entry, I screwed the layout completely when I tried to cheat HTML table to render two images in the same row.

And here is my latest hack: post flash content on Blogspot. If you can see the Flash, congrats, I will post more cool flash content here. If you can't, hmmm... maybe you need to change your glasses (or new computer).
If the flash is too anouying, please right click on it and de-select "play".

1 comment:

Andy Moore said...

awesome movie, matrix pong, aye. I've been fiddling with my template as well...