Monday, April 03, 2006

Chris' Birthday Party

Location: Kenyon Japanese Bar

This restaurant is not as good as many reviews on the internet state so. The food is ok but service stinks. We arrived there on a Friday night around 9:00. Not so crowded but I only had my ice tea refill twice. And any closed friend of mine would know how many ice tea glasses I would consume in a meal!
Beside their tatami room, I don't see anything quite distinguishable from this bar. Maybe the casual atmosphere attracts more people coming here instead of its food and service. One of the dishes I like is Odon (or Udon) noodle, the one that looks similar to the Japanese instant noodle I bet you can find at any Asian food market. I do hope that they don't use a bag of that and a microwave to make my dinner!

Speaking of eating sushi, I did a little research and found an article about sushi etiquette. In short, I love the part that says " Feel free to use your fingers as utensils" because I always pick sushi by my hand. And I know it irritates some of my "comrades". Can't blame me now heh? It's one of the etiquette.

For dorks addicted to sushi and want to bring them to the office, please go here:

Restaurant rating: 6/10

Umm... Cookie Cheung, Loser Koo, Anything Lau and Lie Ming

Look how happy this bastard is!

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