Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Chronicle of Gas Price

I remember by the time Rita hit Texas, which is about 9 months ago, I saw gas price was at 3 bucks a gal and people just got in line to get it by hook or by crook. Now, gas price jumps up to 3 bucks again but this time nobody is excited about getting gas. I feel bad for those bastuhh driving big trucks and hummers. Seem like those guys gotta have defibrillators in their in case of getting a heart attack after filling the tanks.

Here is top ten ways to lower gas price brought to you by David Letterman:

10. Sell gas by the half-gallon (same thing with making the barrels smaller!: my idea)
Sneak up to gas stations in the middle of the night and switch the price numbers
Cut out that expensive ingredient that gives it that delicious gas smell (ouch!)
Forget OPEC, start getting oil from Wal-Mart
Step one: Oprah buys all the gas. Step 2: Oprah gives the gas away.
Build time machine, then drive back to 1965 when gas was cheap.
Fill car with root beer. Cars won't know no better.
Release the recipe so people can make their own gas
Drive really fast so you're not driving so long
Invade Iran

And thanks Sonny for those pictures:t

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