Monday, April 17, 2006

Gyoza's New Career Move

Gyoza wanted to try out if she's suited to replace Taco Bell chihuahua.

This one is called "bon-bon Jovi" doggie style: hey, what do you call my mother, punk?

How about ESPN swimsuit model without swimsuit

The good the bad, now the... sleepy. Come on, it's just11:00, let me sleep a lit' bit more. I still feel dizzy (probably from hang over last night)

I know how you feel. Just tell me your problem, it'd make you feel better ok.

Can I watch Tv for just a little bit mommy?

I am contemplating the incompleteness of quantum physics.

Oh, happy Easter.
"... Retired generals today gathered to call for Rumsfeld step down. The difference between Bush and Clinton is that president Bush can't control his generals while president Clinton can't control his private." jay leno - Tonight Show

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