Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Nha Trang Boat Trip

I think Nha Trang has the boat trip deal in the world! Read on to find out more.
I called the tour center to have them come and pick me up at 8:30. After circling around to pick up more customers, we finally set out to the harbor at 9:00.
The tour composes of taking us going to 4 main islands circumcising Nha Trang city: Mun (Black) Island has it name for its distinct grayish rock, Mot (One) Island, Tam (Morph) Island and Mieu Island.

Set out to sea!

Mun Island with its black rocks.

The first stop is Mun Island where we swim for about an hour in the middle of the ocean. The boat was actually anchored 40 feet off shore to let us jump out into the water. The weather at this time of the year is perfect: clear sky, clean and warm water. So clean that we can see colorful coral reefs 15 feet below.

Then we stop by Mot Island. This is where all the fun starts. We have lunch on the boat, cooked freshly on a different boat going alongside.
After lunch is the happy hour also celebrated on boat with a amateur live band! People dance like crazy too. It's a big mistake if I don't mention the on-the-water floating bar serving wine and pineapple.


On boat disco floor!

Floating bar

Map of the whole trip

I would strongly recommend the trip for everyone coming to Nha Trang or Vietnam because of its quality yet bargain price. The whole trip costs about $7 including car pick up at your hotel, food, snorkeling equipment.

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