Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Long Beach - Cam Ranh

20 miles north of Nha Trang city is Long Beach located within Cam Ranh city's proximity and not too far way from the new airport. The beach is clear and its water's temperature is quiet warm comparing to that of the surrounding area. But what impresses me the most is the scenic drive to the beach. The drive somewhat reminds me of highway 1 running alongside the pacific ocean, rearing the west side of the state of California. Unlike highway 1, this drive is much shorter but spectacular. Like most area of Vietnam, mountains always embrace the road in one side and the pacific ocean does the same with the other side. This creates a scenic view which I call "hidden dragon and crouching tiger" as in feng-shui terminology.

Driving 20 miles on a motocycle is a pain in the ass. No, I am serious literally. It is painful sitting on a bike for 40 minutes.

When we arrived at Long beach there are lots of bars and restaurants settle along the waterline. And bbq seafood is the specialty here.

I think I should take off my shirt and shoes and sing the "No shoes no shirts no problem" of Kenny Chesney

We bought about 5 pounds of squid and had a BBQ session right away. Too bad they don't have Corona here.

On the way back home we stop by a market and buy some fruit. I think the best fruit in Nha Trang is Thanh Long stands for Green Dragon. Look at the photo below to see why it's coined that name. It is a sweet, watery and cactus-based fruit. It's said that this fruit could bring lots of positive health effect.

Bargaining some Thanh Long at a market


Anita said...

hmm.....that BBQ squid has recalled my high school life....yummy....

stacey said...

I love eating thanh long fruits...