Monday, July 03, 2006

Arrive In Vietnam

After 18 hours of flying and waiting during transit, we finally make it to Vietnam safely. The entire fly is nothing but boredom for the first 17.9 hours plus the last 10 minutes of the thrilling near-death experience when we landed in Vietnam.

The story was this: everything was fine up to the time when we were approaching Ho Chi Minh City. I guess that the thunderstorm and a pouring rain at 11:30 AM reduced the visibility of the runway to near zero. So at the final hour, just when we were about 100 feet above sea level, the pilots were still adjusting the pitch and flight path. The result was we had a very hard landing. I could actually feel the aircraft bounced up and down several times before it got "stick" onto the ground.

Needless to say, everybody on the plane was making the sign of the cross and some even applauded to the flight crew. Phew!!! What an experience.

Food court at Taipei International Airport

PS: Friends in Houston, I still remember and miss you guys dearly.

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Anita said...

Doug, I don't even know that you love to travel with stranger....hehehehe!