Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ho Chi Minh City

We spend most of the day today to go shopping in Ho Chi Minh city (used to be called Saigon before the war). Comparing to 4 years ago when I came here this place is better: more tourist friendly and cleaner than I had experienced. We take the cab to get around the city. The first people to visit is my uncle who was just undergone a heart bypass surgery: seven arteries needed to be replaced. I have known former president Clinton had triple bypass, CBS host show Dave Letterman had quadruple bypass but this is the first time I have heard of this! It is quite a haunting story when my uncle starts talking about his near-death state of mind: he hears and sees strangers standing outside the surgical room playing music and asking him to get out with them. He even hears one of the guy said "Why is it taking too long for this guy to die?"!!! Optical or audible hallucination caused by side effect of drug or not I leave it to your interpretation.

After that we go to Ben Thanh Market to go shopping and eat lunch there. The market is a much cleaner place than it was 4 years ago.

Crowded street traffic

Breakfast at the hotel

Eat a $5 lunch for 4 at Ben Thanh market. I was so full!

We will leave Ho Chi Minh city today to travel to Nha Trang tonight @ 8PM by the fast rail system. I hope we won't miss the firstsemi final between Germany and Italy!

6,767,890 people have changed their diet and start exercising after reading this entry :-)

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Anita said...

Your $5 lunch cannot compare with Toris' cooking...........