Thursday, August 24, 2006

Enter The Dragon

Justin just has some crazy idea that we all just go to Riveroak theater tomorrow and watch Enter the Dragon around 12AM. Why 12Am? Apparently this movie is older than most of us and almost no one (including me) even remembers that we ever watched it or not. Justin is an exception though, he's probably the most asianized white dude I've seen.

I still recall Bruce Lee movies were still very popular when I was 6 or 7. My dad took me to watch all of his movies whenever they came out. He even bought a poster of Bruce and hung it in the living room, not for idollizing him but to wish someday I could be like him. Didn't every Chinese parent have that kind of dream?

I'm not a huge Bruce Lee fan. That would disappoint my dad and his asian pride. Bruce movies are OK in term of martial art performance, but not so great in content. One thing I don't like watching Bruce movies is that he seemed to scream too much during the fights, any kind of fight, even with some no-name, dimwitted moron. I admit that Kiai (we call screaming) is a important factor in martial art. Most of Japanese martial arts emphasize kiai as an essential skill. For example in Kendo, you can't score without a proper kiai even though you could literally cut your opponent's head in half. Bruce Lee martial art as I can see, was influenced a lot by Japanese's'. But Bruce used his kiai all the time instead of doing so just right before he threw an elbow or a kick to finish up his opponent.

But anyway, I've not seen Bruce for ages and I hope this movie could bring me back in time when I was a little kid. I'm sure you can find Enter the Dragon at the clearance section at Fry's for less than 5 bucks. But watching it on a big screen and surround sound is so much interesting unless they decide to show Enter The Fat Dragon, a parody otherwise.


ruby said...

haha, great movie! My favorite is The Chinese Connection. Yeah, his kiai is totally over the top, but that's what makes him Bruce Lee! =P (That and doing pushups with only his thumbs.)

Doug said...

Hey Ruby, come back to class I miss you ;-)