Sunday, August 13, 2006

Barcelona US Tour

Couple of weeks ago, Barcelona really created a fever in America when 90,000 soccer fans came to witness the friendly match between Champions League winner with Chivas of Mexico. And last week 70,550 people attended the game between Barca and Club America.

It's obvious that the appearance of Ronaldinho and Barca's reputation for being a champion is the main reason attracting people coming to the games. When the best soccer player in the world - Ronaldinho, appeared in the second half, the atmosphere of the game became extremely heated.

The first game (Houston Dynamo and LA galaxy) was only filled with 12,000 seats. And the game sucked by the way. I was thinking at that time that Barcelona players would probably felt embarrassed playing with a very low number of attendance. But entering the second half of the Dynamo game, people started coming for the Barcelona game thus filling completely the entire stadium!

Dynamo game: 12,000

Barcelona game: 70,550

Seeing Ronaldinho play: priceless!

Getting back to the park garage with crazy soccer fans (using the light rail)

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