Friday, March 31, 2006

News Flash: Whitney Houston is a Real Damned Mess

The National Enquirer recently reports that the pop diva/crack addict Whitney Houston has made a surprising turn for the worse. On Bobby Brown's sister account, Houston spends weeks at a time holed up in her crack dens and is living in utter squalor. She claims that Houston spends days locked in her bed room smoking rock amid piles of festering garbage while mumbling about "evil apparitions" and "demon".

What makes me surprises is the guy who turned Houston into this mess. Think about how superhuman Bobby Brown's dark force must be, to take one of our generation's greatest singers and turn her to a babbling, slobbering mess. I am not talking without concrete evidence. Take a look at the photos below:

Pre Bobby

Post Bobby

Whitney, I am sure that your transformation from a beautiful, sweet-voiced, fresh-face little thing wearing foiled hat and living in gauzy pinky room to a matted-fur wearing chikenhead, clutching a pack of smoke with a random dude from in a deli would have happened all on its own.

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