Monday, March 27, 2006

Framing Your Photos

I took several photos to illustrate the concept of framing in photography.
The use of frame can turn an otherwise plain photo into a pleasing one. Objects for frame are usually foreground elements such as tree branches, a window frame, a door, arches, a fence or rows of trees, etc...

For example, those photos are taken from a park.

In this one, the frames are: the bottom row of flowers and the middle one as a dividend for the photo. The branches of trees serve as a frame above. In addition, frame is used here to isolate the main subject, which is the metal sculpture in the middle, and create an interesting composition.

When composing a shot, keep your eyes open to foreground objects to be used as a natural frame. If necessary, you may need to back up or kneel down a bit, or zoom in to include your main subject within your chosen frame.

here are some more example

Hope you enjoy next time you take a picture of nature!

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