Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dog Horoscopes has a comment about me:

You have lots of nervous energy and love a game of any sort. This year prepare yourself for active times, but don't get off to a premature start until the go ahead signal is flashed. You hate to be criticized since you are so sensitive, but you must also watch your own attitudes and actions so as not to hurt those closest and dearest to your heart. You are always devising new ways to get more attention. When you hide under the bed or shiver uncontrollably, someone will come to your rescue and that will make you smile. You have regal and engaging qualities if you want to use them. But your friends think you are too proud and arrogant (although it is usually a sign, a secret sign, of your love.) The Sign of the Crab makes you a lover of home and you never stray far from home. You love luxury and good food and you will find the best chair in the house and declare it yours or lay claim to the middle of the bed no matter who else tries to sleep there. You are also very territorial and protective of your home. Pity the defenseless delivery person who thinks you are "so cute" and then finds out you will do anything to defend your premises and its occupants. With the Moon as your guide you are the ultimate romantic and you are the eternal optimist. You never get discouraged and this makes you a cherished companion since you are able to cheer up your dear ones. Maintain a simple and healthful diet since your digestion and gastric troubles must be watched carefully. This will be a fine year for you and the only cloud will be the absence of a friend. Your lucky number is 2, which of course, is the perfect lucky number for this year. Your favorite color is violet.

Pretty accurate, except for the part that I am not very protective of my home :-). I welcome *anyone* coming to my house. Um... I already forget when it is the last time I bark!

Have a nice day playing golf, tennis, basketball or whatever you play.

Funny quote:
"If I have any beliefs about immortality, it is that certain dogs I have known will go to heaven, and very, very few persons." - James Thurber

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Anita Ta said...

I have a good relationship with Gyoza, I think that we're a perfect you go:
Sagittarius will appreciate the independence of Leo, who is not afraid to let Leo wander. Also Leo is interesting enough to keep Sagittarius coming back for more. Arf, Arf!