Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Weekend Football: Ruck Fice

College football season starts this labor day weekend in Houston with UH Cougars vs Rice Owls. The game begins at 2000 but we arrive at Rice stadium really early for the tailgate party. I am surprised to see that many UH students and alumni show up a few hours before the game. And it's quite obvious to see that we outnumber the owls' fans. Five or six tents are setup for UH. Most of them are honor societies'. One belongs to the UH Alumni which is really generous to provide free food and drink (I mean beers) to UH students and alumni. Saturday weather also seems to anticipate with the game's atmosphere: nice sun with a little breeze, top temp. is around 90. And at 1930 when the sun is set, we have a perfect setting for a football game.

Newsletter asks us to "wear red - eat free". I don't have any red shirt so I put on a orange one. But they actually don't care much. At some point, I feel lost in the red crowd so I ask the management to give me a red shirt. Without hesitation they give me this Alumni shirt. Nice people.

The game is very exciting. I scream a lot and of course my voice is gone the next day like it should be after any football game. In fact, I think because I scream too loud a group of owls sitting next to me is put in silence for awhile. And UH band is marvelous comparing to child-play style Rice band!

UH plays very wells in the first quarter and leads 14 - 0. Second quarter is a disaster when UH lets the owls make 3 consecutive touch downs. After the first half, UH manages to fix up their formation and beats the owls by one point margin. Anyway, one point only but we win by determination. Fice rucked!!!

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