Thursday, January 05, 2006

Go Longhorns!!!

Last night was a great night for y'all Texans...
I gathered a couple of guys at work to a local bar and watched the game there. When we arrived the place was packed and we had to sat outside. But all the TVs were big and we all had a clear sight of view.
The entire game was amazing. I mean I have never scream like this since the US got into the 8 best world soccer teams in 2002. My friends in CA called me before the game and talked all kind of trash about TX and the Longhorns. Well, we all know they "were" the underdog... Until the 3rd quarter I picked the damn phone and called them but none answered. hehehe... I understand dudes, losers...
Anyway, longhorns is the best team in the NCAA and the Longhorns have "Forever" Young!!! We don't want Reggie, that guy was so proud of himself and his shitty Heisman trophy. We don't care for Matt Leinart because that loser can't keep his head cool beyoung the Longhorns' defense.
Does anyone want to order a replica trophy for the Trojans? Or better: does any player in the SC want to do commercial for Trojan(TM)?

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Lorenzo Ferrara said...

Longhors, Trojans... I thought you were talking about Microsoft!